About a lot of roses donation

 "A lot of roses donation" pushes forward town development to do, and to be able to have attachment and pride to "vigor town Matsubara whom there is" by letting rose which is flower of city bloom vigorously.

 Which "we want to work as local Matsubara well", please put your thought including "we want to bring back rose of terrace" as "donation".

 In addition, person who had agreement publishes the name in plate of "list of donors" installing in Community/Civic Plaza.

Method of contribution

Application for contribution

 As at first application is necessary, apply for contribution to "a lot of roses donation" by (1) telephone, (2) mail, (3)FAX, either method of (4) E-mail to the following address.

 In addition, about application, please use this.

 Contribution application (a lot of roses donation of Matsubara-shi Government building) .doc [35KB doc file]   

Payment of donation

 To contribution who had application, please pay to financial institution listed on the back of in what send "delivery letter of advice" from Motoichi.

 In addition, in the case of application, tell as even the following method can pay.

● Money sent by registered mail (the postage is charged to donor)

● Cash bringing to window of city

Receipt of receipt

 We mail certificate (donation receipt certificate) of having received donation from Motoichi if we can confirm payment of donation.

※As this certificate is necessary for procedures such as final income tax returns to receive donation subtraction of income tax and residence tax and procedure of loss of money inclusion of corporation tax, please keep carefully.

Tax credit by contribution

 There is need to have you do final income tax return of income tax in the nearest taxation office to get subtraction system. As sum targeted for subtraction varies according to income and family constitution individually (we may simplify some reports procedure.), please refer to tax counter in charge of the nearest taxation office or city for the details.


 Please refer to this for simplification of summary, report procedure of system; ⇒ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage

The income situation of contribution 

 2015 [158KB pdf file]  2016 [267KB pdf file]

   2017 [100KB pdf file] 

   The operational situation of contribution

 We performed supplemental planting of 605 roses to have cramped in total in six years until March, 2018. Rose which performed supplemental planting grows big sequentially and colors Government building of May well. It follows to let rose bloom as "a certain vigor town Matsubara" vigorously, and I would like your cooperation in future.