Copyright Policy

 About all contents (including information, sentence, image) to offer on our homepage, we forbid that we do the second use such as reproduction, conversion, sale without permission of rightful claimant firmly.

 We belong to Matsubara-shi or original work author, and copyright affecting book (sentence, image, sound), program that we published in our homepage is protected by laws.

 When use of contents of our homepage is examined, please contact secretary public relations section's public relations officer.


About disclaimers

 Contents of website (called "link site" as follows) of third party except Matsubara-shi linking to our homepage are managed by each responsibility and are not under management of Matsubara-shi.

 Please use link site according to terms of use to advocate of each link site. Also, Matsubara-shi does not take responsibility about any damage that we occurred by having used them about contents of link site.


Link policy


 As a general rule, link to Matsubara-shi homepage is free, but may decline depending on contents including website that is against website and public order and morals for the purpose of sale and business of product.

 Beforehand in city for approval it is not necessary, but please let know linked URL to Public Relations Officer secretary Public Affairs Division as follow-up is fine.

 We would like link to top page. Please refrain from letting you display page of our homepage in frame. When you set link, please specify that it is link to our homepage. In addition, please note that we change each file such as document or image on our homepage and contents without notice or you may be canceled.

 About link from our homepage, we limit to site publishing site providing software necessary to read public institution and group to follow and our homepage, high contents of utility in. But link is intended to just provide facility for user, and Matsubara-shi does not recommend the site and does not take any responsibility about contents.


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Privacy Policy


 We perform collection, the use, management of personal information based on Matsubara-shi ordinance of privacy protection appropriately.

 Contents in our homepage are usually available without clarifying personal information. As a general rule, we do not place personal information. But we may publish when with consent of the person beforehand and only when city admits that there is utility.

 In some contents including inquiry, we ask for offer of personal information of full name, address, phone number, e-mail address of user. We do not perform the use except purpose and offer when we use personal information that we collected within the purpose that we stated clearly beforehand including correspondence to inquiry and get consent of user or unless we establish in Matsubara-shi ordinance of privacy protection. In addition, we manage appropriately so that there are not loss or theft, leak, unjust diversion and discard personal information that became unnecessary immediately and surely.

 We may transfer to department concerned by contents, but, in transferred department, manage appropriate personal information like the above.

 About access log recorded on the server of Motoichi, we may use for better administration of our homepage including investigation into use trend (e.g., count of the number of the access), but do not in this way identify individual. However, it is not this limit when reporting based on laws and ordinances is demanded from public institutions such as court or the police by vicious mischief or crime.