801, 802.803 meeting room

8F Large meeting room

Top and bottom water service department 

Water and sewage General Administration Division


Top and bottom water service department  

Water and sewage management section water and sewage construction room

Civic life department

Environmental policy section  Environmental Prevention Division   Industry Promotion Section

Tourism Division

Agriculture committee


Urban Development Division 

Town development promotion section Rise; green maintenance room  

Building house section

The Board of Education
The education general affairs department     

Education policy section education General Administration Division    Cultural assets section

School Education Department

Educational Personnel Division Education promotion section Local Education Section

Education training center

Civic collaboration department

There is breath; learning section


The general affairs department  

Finance Section Property Administration Division Contract inspection room 

Civic collaboration department

Civic collaboration section human rights interchange room 


The general affairs department

Policy legal affairs section  

Mayor palace

Plan policy section Personnel department Crisis-Management Division  

The secretary public relations section (public relations officer)


The general affairs department

General affairs Information Systems Section

The administrative committee synthesis secretariat

Board of elections inspection fairness committee

Fixed assets evaluation screening committee 

Mayor palace

The secretary public relations section (person in charge of secretary)

3F City Council Secretariat

The general affairs department

Taxation section tax payment section


Health part

Community health section Insurance pension section  Old care section 

Medical support section

Civic life department

Window section


Citizen lobby municipal hall

Information corner


Welfare Division

Welfare General Administration Division Disability Welfare Division 

The child future room welfare Facility Planning Division