Please utilize mail delivery service of city

 In city, we deliver information about security, relief or various municipal administration information to person registered beforehand by email. Person that mail delivery is hoped for newly and person who you have already used, and wants to change registration contents, please file for registration and change with the next point.
 In addition, registration charges are free, but communication fee is charged to registrant.

Email that we are delivering now

  • Matsubara-shi security/safety email
  • Matsubara city email
  • Matsubara child care support email


When we register from cell-phone

Please send email of the sky to this.

As there is reply, please push forward registration procedure according to the contents.

In the case of cell-phone which can read bar code, please use lower bar code.


When we register from PC

You access this, and please click "temporary registration" button.

●Please input e-mail address that you want to receive with "reception e-mail address temporary registration" screen.

●As email arrives in input address, please push forward registration procedure according to contents of email.



The secretary public relations section