We utilized private Social Networking Service (SNS) and, in city, started operation of "Matsubara-shi formula Facebook" on October 1, 2012.
 In addition, we started Matsubara-shi formula Facebook page (the page name "Matsubara-shi government office - Matsubara-shi government") of Chinese edition on December 1, 2016. Please use.


 Matsubara-shi formula Facebook page 



 Matsubara-shi formula Facebook page (Chinese edition)



※With Facebook

 Facebook is service that can make various connections on the Internet in SNS (Social Networking Service) used all over the world. When users interchange and become fan of pages such as company or group, "it is good!" By contributions of function and comment, we can plan interactive communication.

 "It is good!" of Matsubara-shi formula Facebook page Account registration is necessary to push button, and to post comment. Account registration is possible free if older than 13 years old. About usage of Facebook, please confirm in "Facebook help center" (outside site).


Main dispatch contents

 Various information such as information or event information about municipal administration


Matsubara-shi formula Facebook page operation policy

 We established Matsubara-shi formula Facebook page to have all of you know various information such as information or event information about municipal administration widely in Matsubara-shi. On information dispatch that we turn on this page, we establish operational policy of this page as follows so that misunderstanding and confusion do not occur to users. You have you confirm article to establish below, and, after agreement, please use.


1. Thing about administration

(1) Page name [1] Matsubara-shi government office
          [2] The Matsubara-shi government office - Matsubara-shi government
        ※[2] This is page of Chinese edition.

(2) Page address [1] http://www.facebook.com/matsubaracity
             [2] http://www.facebook.com/matsubaracity.cn

(3) The Mayor of page operator Matsubara-shi palace secretary public relations section

(4) Correspondence time  

 As a general rule, in open agency time (from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays 5:30 p.m.), we post irregularly as needed. In addition, we may post as needed as well as this time.

(5) Reply to comment
 Please note that reply for comment should not be.



2. Thing about verboten

  When user posts comment on this page, we forbid act to post content to correspond to the following matter on. In addition, we may perform deletion of comment, use limit when page operator judges that we performed prohibited acts or we might perform without giving notice of beforehand.

(1) We violate laws and ordinances

(2) It is against public order and morals

(3) We slander Matsubara-shi or third party and slander or hurt honor or trust

(4) We list personal information without consent of the person

(5) We work on political activity, election and resemble religious activity or these

(6) Product, store, commercial objective thing including advertising of company

(7) We were far apart for publication contents of this page remarkably

(8) We include contents of falsehood and fact misconception

(9) We might violate copyright, right of likeness of Matsubara-shi or third party, right of other another person

(10) Harmful program

(11) We include inappropriate contents including obscene expression

(12) It is against Terms of Use of Facebook

(13) We judged that other page operators were inappropriate


3. Thing about copyrights

(1) Copyrights about (we include sentence, photograph, illustration, video.) such as administrative information publishing in this page belong to Matsubara-shi.

(2) Copyrights which depended on contribution belonged to the user who posted concerned, but should agree to user was free in contribution contents in the whole world for Matsubara-shi and was nonexclusive and should consent to right to use (we include processing, extract, reproduction, exhibition, translation.) if and when was posted and not using copyrights for Matsubara-shi.

(3) Also, reproduction cannot reprint without permission without and and using "share" function about contents of this page on Facebook page when it is detected in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation" reorganizing entry contents which reproduction is for unless we specify the source.


4. Thing about immunity from responsibility

(1) We perform contributions such as administrative information to this page with extreme caution, but do not guarantee about accuracy, integrity, usefulness of information.

(2) Matsubara-shi does not take responsibility about user having used this page or any damage that we occurred by not having been able to use at all.

(3) Matsubara-shi does not take responsibility about contents performed contribution (comment, photograph, video) of by user at all.

(4) Even if trouble, dispute produces Matsubara-shi between third parties with between users or user in conjunction with this page, we do not take responsibility at all.

(5) This page is applied by system of Facebook company. About the system operation situation of Facebook company, we cannot answer at all. In addition, about function, usage of software and application, technical question offered by Facebook site, Facebook company and third party, we cannot answer either.

(6) We may change contents of page without notice. In addition, we may perform cancellation of operation of page or change of operational policy without notice.


5. Thing about inquiry

About inquiry, we would like than Matsubara-shi homepage "inquiry". (https://www.city.matsubara.osaka.jp/otoiawase/portal2/

In the case of inquiry with telephones, please refer to business department in charge.

Matsubara-shi government office key number: 072-334-1550


6. Application

This operational policy applies from October 1, 2012.

 Additional clause
This operational policy applies from April 1, 2014.

 Additional clause
This operational policy applies from December 1, 2016.