(with system of public offering of information)

It is system to guarantee citizen's everybody right to demand exhibition of information that city has.
By this system, we promote participation in active municipal administration of citizen's everybody and aim at realization of opener municipal administration.

(person who can request)

Person who has address in area of city
Person who works in office existing in area of city or office
Person who is in school existing in area in the city
Personal and corporation or other groups which have office or office in area of city
Person who has interest for office work business that conduct organization performs

(public information that we can request)

It is document, drawing which conduct organization makes information targeted for system of public offering of information in duties or acquired and electromagnetic record (we say record made with method that we cannot recognize depending on electronic method, perception of magnetic method or other people.) and shall be recorded to thing holding as thing which conduct engine uses systematically.

(information that we cannot disclose)

  • Information that we cannot disclose
    1. In information about the business of individual running corporations or business concerned, we hurt position or other fair profit in the competition.
    2. In information that it was provided by promise that we are not released, the promise concerned is rational according to the situation
    3. It is against office work to perform in cooperation with country and other local public entity or request that we received from them, conditions such as discussion and purpose
    4. It is information about decision making processes such as investigation, study, discussion in administration, and trouble occurs for those fair and appropriate decision making remarkably
    5. Trouble occurs for the fair and appropriate execution of office work business in administration remarkably
    6. Trouble occurs for public security and maintenance of order
  • Information that must not be released
    1. In information about individual, we can distinguish authorized individual
    2. By rules such as laws and ordinances, we cannot be released

(burden of expense)

Expense to affect reading of information or the seeing and hearing is free.
We charge the actual expenses about expense of grant of copying of information or sending.

(relief procedure)

When conduct organization performs closed decision in public information that we requested, we can do query for conduct engine. If there is query, conduct organization consults in Matsubara-shi information disclosure, personal information protection examination committee and performs decision for query in deference to the report. Matsubara-shi information disclosure, personal information protection examination committee is third party-like organization consisting of less than five people of learning and experience.

(downloading of application)

Kind of application

Downloading [525KB pdf file] of Matsubara-shi access to information law manual  

(flows from request to exhibition)

Flows from request to exhibition