When including "area having splendid history and nature" and "area that people who did warm reception live" for "area that we want to live for in the future" has you support in form of "donation" with a choice of area with thought, not only area where "hometown tax" (donation) was born and raised, residence tax and income tax are reduced systems.
 Anyone who aims at the cause of active reporting and civic participation, "town development by citizen and administrative collaboration" that administration carries role on with citizen in Matsubara-shi, and does local individuality and charm to have wealthily pushes forward hometown and town development that can realize.

 Please approach with your thought to want to contribute to "oldness and Matsubara" who want to support "oldness and Matsubara" as form of "donation".


 Matsubara-shi consigns duties about "hometown tax" (donation) to the following company and we contribute directly from homepage and become able to file.

 You click the following link, and, about the details including privilege (product) of contribution procedure and thanks, please access exclusive site.

 (we link to site of "my town hometown tax" of SCINEX Corporation.)

 (we link to site of "Rakuten hometown tax" of Rakuten Inc..)

 (we link to site of "oldness and choice" of TRUST Co., Ltd. bank.)

 In addition, we can apply for direct contribution at city hall window. Please submit application [130KB pdf file] to the fourth floor of Matsubara-shi government office plan policy section on this occasion.


    2011 [100KB pdf file]   

      2012 [107KB pdf file]  

      2013 [139KB pdf file]  

    2014 [117KB pdf file] 

  2015 [124KB pdf file] 

      2016 [138KB pdf file]  

We send article of thanks to once which had you contribute with more than 10,000 yen of contribution amount of money to oldness and contribution.           

Privilege (product) of thanks can be chosen when we have you click link of each exclusive site mentioned above.