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About Matsubara-shi site

 Aim of Matsubara-shi homepage

Matsubara-shi homepage provides quick and rich municipal administration information along needs of every user including citizen's everybody and it is easy to use even for anyone and aims at plain homepage and runs.

We aim at homepage that it is easy to use. (consideration to usability)

It rises in viewpoint of side to use so that necessary information is available easily and acts for improvement of usability (usability) of homepage including easiness of search for of information.

Anyone aims at available homepage in the same way. (consideration to accessibility)

 Regardless of presence or age of obstacle, anyone serves for the making of available homepage in the same way. 
 For more details, please see page about accessibility of Matsubara-shi homepage.


About reading software of sound

The use of Easy Web Browsing

"Easy Web BrowsingTM" (former "easily Web walk ®") is Internet reading support software developed as tool for "digital divide cancellation" to support approach (electronic government or local e-government) of e-Japan strategy that Japanese Government promotes. In homepage that adopted our software, even PC novice, elderly person, person having low eyesight and person whom eyes are easy to be tired from come to be able to read object site comfortably.

We use Easy Web Browsing 


Recommended movement environment

About browser

When you look at this site, we recommend that we access in the following environment. When you use in environment except this, phenomenon such as some differences are reflected on the screen display or not working normally may get up.

More than Windows Internet Explorer6.0

In addition, please give me JavaScript, style sheet on setting available as possible.

 About plug in

We publish some data of our site in PDF (PortableDocumentFormat) form. More than Adobe Acrobat Reader6.0 are necessary so that you see.

About downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader

We can download the latest edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader gratis from the following site.

Acrobat ReaderAdobe Corporation homepage


About RSS

 We offer new update information of this site with RSS format. RSS provides entry and summary of contents, URL information in one of the formats of head line reporting by XML.

  • RSS feed which our site provides is available to anyone free regardless of personal corporation.
  • Information offered by RSS feeding provides title and summary (it may not be described) in RSS1.0 form.
  • Information is updated every approximately one hour.
  • The number of displayed maximum is 15 cases.

We offer RSS information in the following URL in this site. Once in approximately one hour, we are updated automatically.

Inquiry about RSS

 We may change contents and format. In addition, we do not accept technical question about RSS feeding.

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