Phone number is ♯ 7119 or 06-6582-7119

It is consultation counter of emergency care when we had trouble with sudden disease and injury at at a loss time

When we had trouble with first aid

・Is this symptom an illness?

・Should we go to hospital?

・What should first aid treatment do?

・Where is hospital examining now?

・Or should we call ambulance?

When you were at a loss, please call ♯ 7119 or 06-6582-7119 when you were in trouble
Counselor, nurse copes with the cause of the support system of doctor, emergency care consultation.

・We give an advice about emergency of disease and injury

・It is advised about first aid treatment by state of disease and injury

・We show around appropriate emergency hospital

(consultation charges are free by correspondence for 24 hours)

Ambulance participates in consultation having high emergency promptly.

※When call is not connected, you dial 119, or please rehang after doing for a while

 We manage from April 1, 2010



※But next does not correspond to emergency care consultation

  • Health consultation, care consultation, non-smoking consultation
  • Information (except drinking by mistake) of pharmaceutical products
  • Second opinion (finding opinion from different doctor about diagnosis and cure)