We dispatch staff of city having specialized knowledge about theme that citizen's everybody wants to know in Matsubara-shi and wants to hear, and to want to study and carry out "municipal administration home delivery of cooked foods lecture" for the purpose of deepening understanding and interest in citizen's municipal administration.
 We look forward to the use from everybody and citizens who is wide to push forward approach by partnership with administration.


Home delivery of cooked foods lecture menu

 You have a choice between menus such as municipal administration, living, the welfare, child care.

List of municipal administration home delivery of cooked foods lecture menus [152KB pdf file] 


Person who is targeted for the use

 It is resident in the city or intends for almost more than 10 groups (town assembly, residents' association, school, PTA, citizen's group) composed of person of working or attendance at school.

※This lecture cannot offer complaint and request for lecture for learning. In addition, when they are against public order and morals and politics, religious activity, thing for the purpose of profit are not available.



 To from 10:00 a.m. on weekdays to 8:00 p.m., it is about less than 90 minutes. (when you want other date and time, please consult beforehand.)



 Venue assumes the Matsubara city, and please prepare public facilities such as principle public hall or local hall, meeting place in each group. (even if the date and time are settled, and securing of venue is after, it is good.)



 Dispatch charges of staff of city are free. But please bear material costs in case of the fee for use of venue and attendance in each group.



 Within one month before dispatch preferred date, apply after filling out matter necessary for application to the following address.

Municipal administration home delivery of cooked foods lecture attendance application word version [44KB doc file]  And PDF is edition [108KB pdf file]    


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