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Room of the mayor

Welcome! To mayor room 



 We wish to express our deepest sympathy to North Osaka earthquake and various places and the bereaved that it was sacrificed in July, 2018 by heavy rain disaster and visit to all of you suffered from heartily.
 We performed human support and support of supplies for heavy rain disaster until now in North Osaka earthquake and July, 2018 even if we did with Matsubara-shi.
 We will perform every possible support to all of you suffered from in future.

Mayor Matsubara Hirofumi Sawai




















  Everybody hello. It is Hirofumi Sawai of Mayor Matsubara.

 On August 2, 3rd, local examination of safe community is carried out, wonderful "informal appointment!" We had words of this.

 Early five years passed since the certification of November, 2013, and SC of Matsubara-shi accomplished evolution for the re-certification during this period.

 The reason why we inspect and perform correspondence (improvement) quickly even if new problem happens, and approach that we continued that is important place of SC above all was pushed forward is always that there was cooperation "collaboration" of many various places.

 Toward re-attestation ceremony of November, go ahead through approach in all elementary and junior high schools of "international safe school" to widen ring of collaboration more in future and will bring up leading figure of next-generation collaboration.


 "Mackey “ is doing entry for "mascot Grand Prix" for gold medal of mascot world. Please support everybody‼


Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications commendation, road safety person who has rendered distinguished services commendation receiving a prize!

Rose which WHO "safe community" international certification city waits for

"Relief, safe town development to make together"

 Mayor Matsubara Hirofumi Sawai 

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