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Plan of city

Public information

Human rights

hato view (human rights interchange center)
News from hato view



Medical treatment, the furtherance

Children's allowance
Child Rearing Allowance
Child welfare benefit
Special Child Dependent's Allowance

Child care

Child care support center, open space
Family support center
Nursery school
Recruitment of parttimers
Support to single-parent home
Out home child society room
Recruitment of out home child society room staff

Admission, entrance to school

Entrance to school


News from the Board of Education
About the Board of Education and the secretariat
Board of Education meeting
Matsubara-shi education general rules
Matsubara-shi education promotion basic plan
General education meeting
Approach of the Board of Education
Approach (scholastic ability improvement) of the Board of Education
Approach (support, consultation) of the Board of Education
Approach (facility repair) of the Board of Education
List of school garden, the number of child, student, the children
Various procedures, application
School meal
Check, evaluation debrief report of office work about education
Local education meeting
From "Board of Education Superintendent room" back number
It is back number than "superintendent of education room" where 髙sakashunzozenkyoikucho was spelled.

The young people

hato view (human rights interchange center)
Classroom, lecture
Youth development
House of Matsubara-shi boy nature
Otsuka field service open space


Health, the welfare, child care
Education, culture, human rights
Life, environment

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