We send delivery letter of advice of National Health Insurance charges in 2018

 We send delivery letter of advice of National Health Insurance charges in 2018 in the middle of June.
 As for the premium of this calculation delivery letter of advice to send this time, it is decision premium calculated than gross income amount of money in 2017 this year.
 Monthly premium divides in two from annual premium that we established equally until March in the next year from June. In addition, care premium will have you put in total to person younger than 65 years from 40 years old, too.

 *Window and telephone, please note that they are crowded very much by inquiry or consultation about premium after the delivery letter of advice shipment for around two weeks.


National Health Insurance and premium

 Premium is precious resources of National Health Insurance to be affected by expenses of payment with subsidies such as countries. For disease and injury of emergency, let's pay premium by all means.


How to decide premiums

 Thing that deducted co-payment and subsidies such as countries to pay from medical expenses predicted in Osaka Prefecture in the year at hospital becomes the total sum of premium. We allot the total sum of this premium to each municipality and calculate assigned sum based on three following items, and we put them together, and premium every one household is fixed.

   We calculate with income of all the income percent National Health Insurance members
   We calculate according to the number of the per capita rate members
   Flat equal cleavage one household Niikura and calculation 

End person of premium that we saw according to age

In the case of person younger than 40 years

  As it is not member of care insurance, we put (for medical insurance) and elderly aged 75 or over support gold content as National Health Insurance charges for the basics.

  ※There is no burden for care payment gold.


40 years old or older in the case of person younger than 65 years (care insurance, the second issue person insured)

  We match care payment gold content with elderly aged 75 or over support gold content for the basics (for medical insurance) and put as one National Health Insurance charges.

  ※Income except person younger than 65 years does not influence calculation for care payment gold 40 years old or older. (but we include in reduction judgment.)
  ※The upper limit of forehead to put in care payment gold content separately is fixed for (for medical insurance) for the basics.


In the case of person 65 years or older (care insurance, first insured person)

  We put elderly aged 75 or over support gold content for the basics as before (for medical insurance). We pay care premium particularly.

  ※We pay care premium by deduction from old age (the retirement) pension.


Reduction of premium for low-income person

 You finish report (among report of income tax, report of residence tax, temporarily reports of National Health Insurance either) of income, and, in the household corresponding to list shown below, the amount of per capita rate and the amount of flat equal cleavage are reduced in premiums.

 Household with income of the total of all the households in the last year less than following amount of money…Reduction ratio 
    330,000 yen……70% 
    330,000 yen +275, the number of the 000 yen X people insured……50% 
    The number of the 330,000 yen +500,000 yen X people insured……20%

(in the case of salary income, amount of money after public pensions deducted the amount of deduction from the pension from the amount of each income in the case of income becomes income by earned income subtraction.


Attention about premium

We will pay premium from qualification outbreak moon (the moon which insurance in front lost) minute of National Health Insurance.

 For example, it is not from for and will put premium from for in June when participation qualification occurred in November when we reported when we leave company in June and report participation to National Health Insurance in November.

Picture of surprised person

When we join in the middle of the year and withdraw

When we join on the way in the year

 We are paid in monthly installment until March by the moon where we joined (qualification occurred).


When we withdraw on the way in the year

 We calculate last month share that we withdrew from again. As a result, we may have you put after the moon which you left (only as for the person in the case of some people of household recomputation) when there is the deficit. In addition, I return later when I come to put too much.


Premium of person who moved into may be added later

 Because income amount of money of the last year that is the basics of calculation of premium is unidentified, we refer to the former address for person who moves into, and took out National Health Insurance. Therefore, premium may be added after income amount of money became clear.


Payment method of National Health Insurance charges becomes fund transfer

 Payment of National Health Insurance charges becomes fund transfer. It is not necessary to mind time limit of monthly payment, and we do not have to worry to forget to put carelessly when you use fund transfer. In addition, we can omit trouble to go to payment and are very convenient.

 If there is notification mark of bank that account numbers such as passbooks are identified at financial institution and insurance pension section window in the city, we can file on the spot.

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