Introduction of imminent medical institution

Guidance of mental hospital

Yoshimura Hospital 

The location      7-5-3, Bessho, Matsubara-shi 

Telephone          072-336-3101      

Remarks          Psychiatry daycare


The location       164-1, No, Habikino-shi 

Telephone          072-955-4468    

Remarks          Psychiatry daycare

Mihara Hospital 

The location      380, Imai, Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi 

Telephone          072-361-0545       

Remarks          Psychiatry daycare, psychiatry D knight care

Kaneoka center Hospital 

The location      450, Nakamuracho, Kita-ku, Sakai-shi 

Telephone         072-252-9000

Remarks         Psychiatry daycare, alcoholism


Guidance such as general hospital psychiatry

Matsubara Tokushukai Hospital  

The location      7-13-26, Amamihigashi, Matsubara-shi 

Telephone         072-334-3400

Remarks         Psychosomatic medicine (only in the outpatient department)


Guidance of medical office

Sakakura clinic 

The location      5-5-12, Tatsube, Matsubara-shi 

Phone number 072-335-3111

Sugiyama clinic 

Location 3-6-22, Ao, Matsubara-shi 

Phone number 072-331-3077

Plum clinic 

Location Amamihigashi, Matsubara-shi 7-2-27 third large Takashi Building 1F 

Phone number 072-330-4663

Matsumoto clinic

Location 5-9-5, Hitotsuya, Matsubara-shi 

Phone number 072-336-7264

Clinic of Kajimoto heart

The fourth floor of location 3-1-13, Ueda, Matsubara-shi sunrise building 

Phone number 072-330-3007

nishizawa clinic

   Location 4-15-2, Higashishinmachi, Matsubara-shi

   Phone number 072-336-7121


There is clinic; cotton

   Location 3-4-31, Ao, Matsubara-shi

   Phone number 072-337-8821


Long clinic

Location 2-9-17, Oka, Fujiidera-shi Takemura second building 3F 

Phone number 072-931-5561

Clinic of Kirita heart

Location 1-2-38, Kasugaoka, Fujiidera-shi Kasugaoka building 3F 

Phone number 072-937-9255

Phosphorus clinic

Location 3-16-1, Hakucho, Habikino-shi Kimura Building 2F 

Phone number 072-956-1166