It is system to reduce copayment of medical expenses that it cost when we visit a hospital for treatment for disease of psychiatry in hospital and medical office.

As for this system, copayment becomes 10% regardless of kind of medical insurance.

※ According to income of household (we assume family taking out the same medical insurance the same household), the upper limit is made for self-pay.

※ As city bears these 10% as for the participation in National Health Insurance of city, self-pay disappears.

Target person

Person who receives going to hospital treatment for disease of psychiatry

Application window

City hall Disability Welfare Division

Telephone: 072-334-1550 (main)

You have
  1. There is one set of application application paper to city Disability Welfare Division and medical institution.
  2. Seal
  3. Written consent (necessary to set the upper limit of self-pay)
  4. Copy (front copy is necessary for household confirmation.of health insurance card Person who is on welfare is unnecessary.)
  5. Medical certificate [decided paper for A4] of doctor
  6. Identification of independence support medical care recipient [mind going to hospital] (in the case of new application, is unnecessary)
  7. Of personal number (my number) know

※ Depending on medical institution, we keep necessary documents for applicant and may act for application.


Validity is one year (from acceptance day the end of the month of month within one year) from day when we accepted in city Disability Welfare Division.


When we are going to receive public expenditure (independence support medical care) successively, update procedure is necessary every one year.

Application of continuation is possible for three months on end day for validity.

Necessary documents, please bring the thing from 1 to 7 mentioned above.

※ About medical certificate of 5 doctors once in two years is submitted.


When we change kind of medical institution, full name, address and insurance on the way, application of change is necessary. Necessary thing notification of change, seal, identification of independence support medical care recipient, copy (in the case of change only for medical institution, is unnecessary) of health insurance card



Income division conceptual diagram

 ※ It is as follows about range of expensive treatment continuator ("severeness and continuation")

  • Person target from illness, symptom

Person whom doctor who had constant experience for mind medical care as schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, depression, epilepsy, person of brain functional disorder or drug-related dementia failure (dependencies) or concentration, person who needed continuation-like medical care judged.

  • Person to apply to because large amount of expense burden continues regardless of illness, a lot applicable person of medical insurance.