He/she does guidance and introduction of welfare service

We will talk without being troubled in only in home without what kind of thing including "we are in trouble in the workplace" being alone, and which "we are in trouble in home" being troubled.

  • One less than 18 sai
       City hall child future room (the first-floor ninth window)

   Tondabayashi child family center telephone: 0721-25-1131

  • One more than 18 sai

  City hall Disability Welfare Division (the first-floor tenth window)

  Osaka Prefecture person with a disability independence consultation support center intellectual person with a disability support section     Telephone: 06-6692-5263


He/she helps with employment for person who wants to work

There is consultation counter as follows.

  • There is window making a specialty of one of person with a disability to one thinking to be, "the company employing is where".

HelloWork Fujiidera telephone: 072-955-2570

  • Counselor talks with person thinking "what kind of work fits oneself?".

Osaka person with a disability occupation center South Osaka branch telephone: 072-258-7137

  • Of you work, and help with sea bream.

Minamikawachi north person with a disability employment, life support center telephone: 072-957-7021    

  • We are doing seminars such as counseling and workplace experience-based training.

   OSAKA work field telephone 06-4794-9198



We want to live a life in area, but do not know whom we may talk with

We give people who live alone in apartments while setting to work advice and can continue living a stable life.


Support center sweetness

1-55-1, Amamihigashi, Matsubara-shi telephone: 072-331-9200


We give person who wants to live and person who leaves facility, and wants to live in area advice and make group home with group home.


Local life synthesis support center ondo

8-7-16, Ueda, Matsubara-shi telephone: 072-338-5850



There is window talking about trouble and embarrassing thing with in imminent place

Consultation support project 

Installed consultation is working business so that nursing consultation and instruction are received in place where child with a disability (person) and the family living in area are more immediate.


  • Life support center reimbo

   1-10-2, Minamishinmachi, Matsubara-shi telephone: 072-336-3240

  • Local support center bambino

  6-1-1, Gakuenmae, Habikino-shi telephone: 072-950-1530

  • Local life support center ikona

    3-7-1, Minamishinmachi, Matsubara-shi telephone: 072-335-5561



We can talk about thing about autism and developmental disability

People and the family with developmental disability about autism and autism do advice and reporting about consultation with local people to be richer, and to be able to live happily.

  • Osaka Prefecture development person with a disability support center act numerousness

1-1-6, Jusohigashi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi telephone: 06-6100-3003

  • Osaka autism support center

2-4-2, Jusohigashi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi telephone: 06-6100-0282



He/she tells about health of mind and body

Health nurse provides consultation about health of mind and body.

  • City hall community health section (the second-floor 17th window)
  • Fujiidera, Osaka public health center telephone: 072-955-4181



Though we want to go to the dentist near house, we do not know where we may go.

We install "person with a disability dental treatment consultation counter" so that dental treatment and dental check up are received in Osaka Prefecture in area where person with a disability having a problem with disease of cavity and the gums lives, and the person in charge introduces local dental practice engine. In addition, we introduce medical institution of person with a disability dental profession as needed.


Establishment place: The Osaka Prefecture dental association Hall

The establishment date and time: It is 4:00 from 2:00 p.m. for Monday through Friday

Telephone: 06-6772-8886

FAX: 06-6774-0488


Medical institution

 Name  :Minamikawachi sphere child with a disability (person) dental practice

Medical treatment place: Kawachinagano City holiday sudden illness medical office

     〒586-0012 2-13, Kikusuicho, Kawachinagano-shi

The medical treatment date and time: It is 5:00 p.m. from 1:00 p.m. every Thursday (except holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays)

Reservation reception desk: Kawachinagano City health center

     Telephone: 0721-55-0301 ※It requires reservation on the telephone beforehand

     It is 5:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m. for Monday through Friday (except holiday) a week



Are you not troubled with method to protect property such as harassment and violence, money?

Consultation is free.

Economic life supporter visits the home of property maintenance, money management service and watches life. (use of service charges to determine are necessary)

  • Osaka tutelage support center

      7-4-15, Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi telephone: 06-6191-9500

  • Osaka bar association elderly person, person with a disability synthesis support center (popular name "sunflower")

      1-12-5, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi telephone: 06-6364-1251  

         "Legal advice with telephone" (advance reservations-free consultation for free)

         It is 4:00 on Friday from 1:00 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday



Adult guardianship system

Adult guardianship system is system to protect right in everyday life mainly on property management of person that ability for judgment is insufficient legitimately.


When ability for judgment of the person is insufficient
Legal tutelage system
Caretakers such as juristic acts are necessary
When the person has judgement
Assigned guardian system
Time when judgement decreased in the future is uneasy
The person chooses agent and enters into any tutelage contract.
When judgement declines
The person or relative are stated by family court
No judgement → The tutelage
Judgement is remarkably insufficient → ho*
Judgement insufficiency → Assistance
The person and relative contract with legal guardian whom family court chose According to content established by contract,
Any guardian helps
(any spokesman for the wards whom family court chose supervises any guardian)
According to content established by contract, legal guardian helps



Osaka Family Court Sakai Branch

590-0078 Minamikawaramachi, Sakai-shi two orders 28

Telephone: 072-223-7001


Statements such as Matsubara-shi tutelage start umpires

When the situation of having heard nothing from is going to receive adult guardianship system even if there is not spouse or relative in the second degree in mentally-disabled people that ability for judgment is insufficient or there is relative, the mayor files umpire tutelage start.

City can bear expense necessary for statement in some cases.


 City hall Disability Welfare Division (the first-floor tenth window)



He/she supports judgment when we use welfare service, management of money in imminent area

Council of Social Welfare is "everyday life independence support project" and protects your right and property.

Consultation is free.

We help with judgment and management of money when we use consultation of annoyance of human relations and life, welfare service and support to be able to live a life in peace in area that lived so long.

(annual convention costs and use charges to determine are necessary)  


 Matsubara-shi Council of Social Welfare telephone: 333-0294



About imminent problem about obstacle, he/she gives advice.

Not only person which has obstacle as counselor is in each Matsubara city area about imminent problem and consultation with mental disabilities but also family and person concerned, please feel free to contact directly.

           The name                   Address                          Telephone

  • It is the best among Sakata    5-5-6, Amamikita          Telephone: 331-7998
  • Kiyoko Kobayashi 3-5-16, Amaminishi          Telephone: 332-2661
  • Village 4-4-14 of Yoshiko Tanaka Takami          Telephone: 334-9241