"Area inclusion care" that was focused on in conduct of new nursing-care insurance system. This says structure necessary to continue living a life that seems to be a certain dignity person in area where elderly person lived so long. Core medium supporting this "area inclusion care" includes Local Elderly Care Management Center.

 We share charge district to east and west after Route 309 and, in city, set up Local Elderly Care Management Center two places as general consultation counter of elderly person in the city.

Local Elderly Care Management Center Tokushukai moved from April, 2016.

 Local Elderly Care Management Center Tokushukai moved to the sky beauty library, wife of chief zen-priest Land north side (7-103, Amamihigashi). In addition, there are no phone number, change of FAX number.

 [elderly person living in sphere of the east side]
 "Matsubara-shi Local Elderly Care Management Center Council of Social Welfare"
 〒The first floor of 580-0043 1-1-1, Ao, Matsubara-shi Matsubara-shi government office east annex
            Telephone: 349-2112 FAX: 335-1294
 [elderly person living in Western sphere]
 "Matsubara-shi Local Elderly Care Management Center Tokushukai" 
 〒580-0032 7-103, Amamihigashi, Matsubara-shi
            Telephone: 334-3439 FAX: 334-3454

 Also, even if it is in need of nursing care state, put together in the fact of user so that various services are provided in appropriate form and give a smooth response so that elderly person is not in a condition needing care in the center.
 We push forward the general consultation counter, health, welfare, medical care of elderly person and local resident and unified care, and "Local Elderly Care Management Center" takes important role.


Business that Local Elderly Care Management Center takes

General consultation support, right protection business

 We are consulted about elderly person and we connect to necessary service through actual situation grasp by visits and support right protection of elderly person including prevention of abuse.

Comprehensive continuous care management support project

 We build the care management system which utilized local society resources so that comprehensive service is carried out for elderly person continuously.  

Care prevention care management business

 Because person (authorized elderly person) who might become support required, need of nursing care state 65 years or older prevents that it is need of nursing care states, we perform the management that is appropriate so that care prevention business is provided effectively and effectively and support the care prevention.

Person who received authorization of support 1 required, support 2 required

 Person who caught authorization of "support 1 required, support 2 required" in need of nursing care forms in state division prevents aggravation of support state required, and "care prevention service" of care insurance to aim at improvement of life function is received. When there are care preventive visit care (housekeeper) or authority of care prevention place care (day service) in service contents, and these services are hoped for, please ask for making of care prevention care plan in Local Elderly Care Management Center.