About care payment

 At first it is necessary to ask care manager (Care manager) for making of care plan to use home service. Depending on care service consultation from service user and family, we make care plan so that appropriate service uses, and care manager (Care manager) is care service company and communication, person adjusting.

※When we ask care manager (Care manager) for making of care plan, there is no user burden.

Home service program planning request (change) notification form downloading this [104KB pdf file] (start new style in May, 2014)

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Visit service


Visit care (home-help service)

 Housekeeper visits, and bathing, personal care including excretion are received.


Visit bathing care

 Bathing cars with bathtub visit, and assistance of bathing is received.


Visit rehabilitation

 Physical therapists visit home, and rehabilitation is received.


Temporary nursing at home

 Nurses visit home, and observation of symptom and care in medical treatment are received.


Home medical treatment management instruction

 Doctor, dentist, pharmacist visit, and management and instruction in medical treatment are received.


tsusho service


tsushokaimamori, tsusho rehabilitation

 We go to care insurance facility, and bathing or function training are received. There may be pickup and drop-off.




Short-term entrance life care (short stay)

 We enter care insurance facility for a short term, and care in function training and everyday life is received.


Specific facility resident life care

 In entering pay nursing home and economical life-care facility which received designation as specific facility entrance person life care company, care such as assistance or function training such as bathing, excretion, meal is received based on service plan.   


Loan of welfare tool

 We can rent welfare tool. Plan making of care manager (Care manager) of charge is necessary for the use.

 [support 1.2 required, person of need of nursing care 1] 

  ・Handrail (thing without construction)
  ・Slope (thing without construction)
  ・Walk assistance stick

 [from need of nursing care 2 5 people]

  ・Handrail (thing without construction)
  ・Slope (thing without construction) 
  ・Walk assistance stick
  ・Wheelchair, wheelchair accessories※ 
  ・The special bed, special bed accessories※
  ・Prevention of bedsore tool※
  ・Physique converter※
  ・Dementia old man loitering sensing apparatus※ 
  ・Lift (except fishing tackle) for movement※
  ・Automatic excretion processor (from need of nursing care 3 only as for 5 people)※

  ※Because person of support 1 required, 2 and need of nursing care 1 is hard to assume the use, about welfare tool, we do not become a target of principle, insurance payment.


Specific welfare tool sale

 We can purchase welfare tool which does not adjust to loan including chair toilet seat and special urinal for use charges of 10% or 20%.
 Target item is as follows, and 90% of purchase expense or 80% is paid from care insurance, but limit of the amount of money to be paid is 100,000 yen including user burden in one year. In the purchase, please consult with care manager (Care manager) of charge.

 For more details, please see this page.


Home care house repair costs

 About house repair to live in being at home including installation of handrail and cancellation of step, we are paid 90% of repair expense or 80% from care insurance. The amount of money to be paid is 200,000 yen including user burden. As making of reason book of care manager (Care manager) of charge is necessary in repair, please talk.


 For more details, please see this page.


Community-based service

 Service for local, elderly person of single life or elderly person of dementia to be able to live a life that lived so long as much as possible even if care is in a necessary condition for dignity. As a general rule, we are not received in other municipalities.

  • Authority of dementia-response model place care
  • Dementia-response cohabitation care
  • Small scale multifunctional model home care
  • Visit care-adaptive in the night
  • Community-based specific facility resident life care
  • Person of community-based care for the elder welfare institution entrance life care
  • Periodical patrol, occasional correspondence model visit care nursing
  • Nursing small scale multifunctional model home care