We added Takeuchi way motif design to Mackey illustration!

City mascot character "Mackey" made design which stood still with clothes in Takeuchi way in the ancient times to plan popularity improvement of inheritance "main thoroughfare (avenue) to go through the southern part of Matsubara-shi to east and west of Japan wide Takeuchi way" and added to "guide of the use".

As tourist attractions PR of Matsubara-shi pride, please inflect on wrapping paper or luncheon mat widely.




※In use, application is necessary beforehand.

Please submit use approval application and necessary attachment documents which you filled in with purpose, method or contents to city no later than one month before you hope for use.

(fee for use for free)

After having performed examination to affect use, it is decided. In addition, we cannot use at time to use for activity of specific politics, thought and religion when it is against laws and ordinances and public order and morals.

As for the details, city mascot character look at "about use of illustration".

It is www.city.matsubara.osaka.jp/index.cfm/9,52409,96, html about city mascot character "use of illustration" 


 Use example


Luncheon mat


           Shooting cooperation: Original deep-fried studio sa, n, po  


      Shooting cooperation: Sushi enthusiast Taro


     Shooting cooperation: We lend


Wrapping paper



             Shooting cooperation: Chatoka tea and ka


     Shooting cooperation: gokakoshikichi*oku



           Shooting cooperation: Takeuchi laver


    Shooting cooperation: Matsubara Chamber of Commerce and Industry