By earthquake centering on North Osaka that occurred on June 18, casualties were caused by fall of fitting. Let's take measures against prevention of furniture fall as one of the preparation to the spread, earthquake enlightening in safety measures Committee at the time of Matsubara-shi safe community disaster.

About fixation of furniture

When wall can directly fix, chest or cupboard will fix to wall and pillar with screw using L-shape metal fittings. When wall cannot directly fix, we exchange violent arm thrusts and sandwich stick-type appliance between furniture and ceilings, and let's fix.

We connect top and bottom by metal fittings of flat model, and, about accumulation furniture, let's fix.

We can expect higher effect if we use mat-type appliance and stopper-type appliance to stick there of furniture together.

About prevention of scattering of glass

Let's put glass scattering prevention film on glass surface of cupboard.

Cupboard opens, and, in the case of door, let's attach door stopper.

We check right now

Even if it takes measures against prevention of furniture fall, it is ideal not to put furniture in bedroom by any chance to become serious affair when furniture falls down on the body. In addition, it will prevent you from putting if possible as passage be occupied, and it may disturb refuge when we put furniture near doorway of room.

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