Before application, please read the next explanation matter.

※The last of this explanation matter includes "Internet application" button.

About classification division change from June, 2016

・ As five items of the following become combustible waste, it is not incombustibles, oversized garbage.

 At the time of application, please be careful.

About procedure of Internet application

・ In the Internet reception desk, receptionist is available only for household which we have applied for on the telephone.

 Apply for the first one on the telephone once.

・ Zip code, address, family nurturer full name (katakana), e-mail address not to make any mistake,

 Please input. We send news email to prevent soup stock oblivion of garbage on the day before on collection day

 We do.

・ After the application, we send reply email that listed reception desk contents such as [collection day] [reception desk number] [discharge place]

 As we do, we accept when it reached e-mail address where this reply email had you apply

 But, it is completed.

・ When reply email does not reach e-mail address that had you apply [Matsubara-shi incombustibles ・,

Apply  for oversized garbage receptionist center] over telephone.

  Application method (call charge for free) with landline 

  Matsubara-shi incombustibles, oversized garbage receptionist center (: 0120-053-489)

    Application method with cell-phones 

  Number (TEL: 072-335-8055) same as before as for the application with cell-phones

[we include (holiday for from Monday to Friday the reception desk date and time.) From 9:00 to 17:00]

 In addition, please note that you cannot reply even if replied to reply email.

・ Internet application with cell-phone except smartphone is not possible.

・ We cannot apply for one without e-mail address.

・ For three days on collection day, we change on the Internet and cannot cancel.

・ About receptionist whom we proposed to on the Internet, it is reference, change, kiang by the Internet

 Cell is possible.

・ You set a ceiling of once a month and can provide to up to five points per one household.


About item that we cannot apply for by the Internet

 About thing which is not published in list of list of garbage application discharge items, it is Matsubara-shi incombustibles, fault size

Apply for garbage receptionist center on the telephone directly.

[Matsubara-shi incombustibles, oversized garbage receptionist center phone number: 072-335-8055]
[we include (holiday for from Monday to Friday the reception desk date and time.) From 9:00 to 17:00]


Hearing person with a disability, one having difficulty in telephone application, please use FAX and mail.

FAX: 072-349-1116 (application)

Application for exclusive use of FAX, mail, please use the following file after downloading.


Application for FAX, mail: Incombustibles, oversized garbage collection application (paper for exclusive use of FAX, mail) [34KB docx file] 

As you put this paper for city hall or municipal library, take freely.

Mailing address: It is addressed to environmental Operations Section in 〒 580-0005 9-1-6, Bessho, Matsubara-shi Matsubara-shi classification (exploitation of resources) center 


About thing not to collect in city

・ Home electric appliances which are targeted for Home Appliance Recycling Act
 [air-conditioner, cathode-ray tube, liquid crystal, plasma television, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothing dryer]

・ Disused PC of home origin

・ Dangerous materials, building scrap wood, medicine, others

・ Temporary a large quantity of garbage [and moving, general cleaning are accompanied discharge per once thing more than five points]

・ Garbage which we occurred with operation (incombustibles, fault size)

⇒As for the disposal method of these garbage, please give me ogo * which "does not come by collection disposal in city".


[attention] When we forget to take out garbage on designated collection day, application is necessary again.

    Please be careful.

[other instructions]

 ・ By periodical maintenance, we may stop service.

 ・ By limit of browser and communication environment of errand, we may not use.

 ・ [reply email] of Internet reception desk is application from Matsubara-shi homepage,

  It is transmitted by Matsubara-shi incombustibles, oversized garbage receptionist center.


Browser that has been checked the operation of

・Internet Explorer 9-11

・Microsoft Edge 20

・Google Chrome 49

・Safari 9

・Mozilla Firefox 45

Because weakness of SSL3.0 was discovered, cannot access in SSL3.0, thank you for your understanding.
As for the details, please see (external link) (we link to outside site) about "fragile measures of SSL3.0".

After checking the contents mentioned above, please click [Internet application] button.

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※ "Internet application" in the one applied for by the Internet mentioned above button

 Please push.