To person that going out is hesitated about because gururin does not have transportation,
It is free bus to have you use public facilities easily.
Please use casually.
  • There is wheelchair seat on each vehicle of west route, east route, north and south route for two people.
  • Please note that there is not wheelchair seat on vehicle (the fourth unit of H29.4/3 - addition) of the north, center route.
  • While delay by road circumstances, and travel; stopping; may do, but thank you for your understanding.
  • When we wait for bus, please wait by all means near bus stop. When there is not person near bus stop, we may pass without stopping.
  • At the time of crowdedness, please hand over ride to the elderly, impaired person.
  • We cannot get on and off at place except stop.
  • Suspension day: It is January 3 on Saturday from holiday, December 29 on Sundays and holidays on Sunday.




Route map, timetable (latest as of November 10, 2017)

    The route map west, east route. pdf [847KB pdf file] 

      The timetable west, east route. pdf [1736KB pdf file]   

   Route map north and south route [746KB pdf file] 

      Timetable north and south route [2107KB pdf file] 

   The route map north, central route [627KB pdf file] 

      The timetable north, central route [2072KB pdf file] 



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