We settle main question sent to city.
Of rose that these wait for public information "told a little, and took up at Q&A" corner.


Resident registration (family register, resident's card, seal registration)


Q. We do seal registration, and I want seal registration certificate immediately, too.
Q. Can you take resident's card other than open agency time for city hall?
Q. My permanent address is not Matsubara-shi. Can you take copy of a person's family register in Matsubara-shi?



Life, environment

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Q. Please tell about cooling-off system.
Q. Please tell about extermination method of hive.
Q. We want to do group registration of resources group collection.
Q. A lot of home garbage is left to trash box of park. Why don't you remove trash box?
Q. When we made emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance with cell-phone, where does it lead to?
Q. We think that telephone communication is hard to be established at the time of disaster, is urgent communication all right?
Q. It is awkward that wild cat damages garden and takes a shit.
Q. Unfamiliar request comes for email of cell-phone.
Q. It is awkward that crow hunts for garbage which we took out.
Q. It is awkward that mosquito occurs when it is summer every year. Will you wind up medicine in city?
Q. How is safety management of playground equipment of park in the city done?
Q. Spray cans such as cosmetics or insecticide begin to see, and how should they do?
Q. By getting out garbage such as tray and cups, is there method not to let you fly when it is strong of wind?
Q. How should we separate tube and bottles of cosmetics which it is hard to take of dirt?
Q. May we burn up straw after inekari rino in the fields?
Q. What kind of organization is "voluntary disaster prevention organization?"
Q. There is place that thinks that return of work is dark and is dangerous. What happens to crime prevention light?
Q. When I dispose of TV, what should I do?
Q. Is redback spider in the city?
Q. As for the mark to be seen, do plastic container and plastic bottle have any meaning?
Q. Call becomes hard to be connected at the time of disaster, is there method to contact family?
Q. Asbestos is not used for house or is anxious.
Q. At the time of fire, what water do you extinguish a fire using?
Q. Please tell about "contact collection" to support getting out garbage.
Q. Please tell about indication in time limit of food.
Q. May collection day of wastepaper wrap in plastic bag at the time of rainy weather?
Q. We want tree of roadside tree and park to produce name card to understand of kind.
Q. Why is it that only collection of "incombustibles, oversized garbage" is station method?
Q. What is there to storage supplies for disaster of city?
Q. Please tell about usage of fire extinguisher.
Q. Must we join town assembly?
Q. How is reservoir used?
Q. What is broadcast of voice of children drifting at about 4:00 p.m.?
Q. Is photochemical smog generated in Matsubara?
Q. Must fire alarm set up even ordinary household by all means?
Q. What is there to garbage which we collect in city and cannot dispose of?


Health, the welfare, child care

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Q. What kind of activity does local welfare officer, children's committee carry out?
Q. What kind of things should we be careful about before child is vaccinated for measles?
Q. How do measures of swimming pool fever turn out by civic pool?
Q. Must we receive infants medical checkup by all means?
Q. When we receive preventive injection of influenza, is there assistance from city?
Q. We refrain from delivery, will there be any method from now on as burden of delivery costs is difficult?
Q. In family support center, is sudden custody request of child possible?
Q. What kind of doctor is family medicine?
Q. There is child before attendance at school, is there place where we can feel free to contact about trouble of child care?



Insurance, pension, tax 

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Q. Is it different in city (prefecture) people tax in each municipality? What municipalities is amount of money same in?
Q. You find a job and took out health insurance of company, do you cross National Health Insurance automatically?
Q. We resigned from company three months ago. How does participation to National Health Insurance turn out?
Q. We enter from April university and lodge, what happens to nation health insurance card?
Q. Do we not need to report citizen of city, prefecture tax if we do final income tax return of income tax?
Q. How much does income become a target of credit for dependents of tax if it is just?
Q. Please tell about necessary period to receive pension.


 Labor, industry

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Q. We want the silver human resources center job.
Q. Please tell about Matsubara-shi employment working support center.


Education, culture, human rights

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Q. We want to use house "create Tsukigase" of Matsubara-shi boy nature.
Q. When book which we want to borrow does not establish in library, what should I do?
Q. Please tell about selection of menu and ingredients of school meal.
Q. Is there study hall in library in the city?
Q. We extend period, and can we borrow book which we borrowed in library?
Q. Please tell approach about safety measures at the time of commuting to and from school.
Q. How is book which became old of library done?
Q. How do you decide textbook of elementary and junior high school of Matsubara-shi?
Q. When we build house, is excavation of cultural assets necessary?
Q. There is person whom it is awkward for that we do not know Japanese in foreign citizen's people.
Q. Display is held in city hall lobby, will anyone be available?


Municipal administration 

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Q. Do you introduce low-emissions vehicle in city?
Q. How do payoff measures of city turn out?
Q. Why is gururin issue operated only in one direction?
Q. How is the budget for city fixed?
Q. Did advertisement come to be placed in public information paper?
Q. We want to go for hearing of assembly, what should I do?
Q. Please tell use time and rate of parking lot of city hall.
Q. Is gururin available to anyone?
Q. When there was rent assistance system to newly-married household in other cities, we heard. Is it in Matsubara-shi?
Q. When I want to receive legal advice of city, what should I do?
Q. We heard that we performed various consultation in hato view (human rights interchange center).
Q. How is news from municipal assembly made?
Q. Is there not recruitment of firefighter and city officials for person of graduation from high school?
Q. What is cause of population decline of Matsubara-shi?
Q. Please tell about information disclosure.