It was admitted based on index that safe community activity that citizen's all of you and administration, related organizations pushed forward by collaboration was global, and Matsubara-shi acquired the international certification as member of safe community formally. In safe community certification ceremony held in Matsubara-shi Cultural Center on November 16, 2013, we exchanged signature in statement of mutual agreement, and it was in the 323rd safe community international certification city in the eighth, the world in Osaka first Japan. The certification acquisition of safe community is new start of town development of relief, security not goal. We push forward attractive town development that wants to continue living that we try for the injury prevention such as injury or accident, and anyone wants to live in with citizens.

Poster 1 of safe communityPoster 2 of safe communityPoster 3 of safe community


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Safe community activity of Matsubara-shi wins Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications commendation!

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