About the office evaluation addition

  When ratios of maintenance, improvement of support state of user required become more than uniformity, it is for the addition concerned about office performing selective service (each service of exercise function improvement, nourishment improvement again oral cavity function improvement) in period (periods from for each one a year one day a month to December 31) to be targeted for evaluation. About target office, we add about service offer of the office in the next fiscal year of period targeted for the evaluation concerned concerned.


Requirements of calculation conformity office

1. The number of the use true staff being more than ten.

2. Selective service conduct percentage being more than 60%.

3. The evaluation standard value is 0. Things more than 7.

 ※Evaluation standard value = (number of number of the people of maintenance + (improvers X 2) of support degree required) / (number of person who used exercise machinery and tools ability improvement service, nourishment improvement service or oral cavity function improvement service more than March within evaluation object period, and received update, change authorization afterwards)

Calculation conformity office

List of 2018 conformity offices [279KB pdf file] 


Procedure of proposal of the office evaluation addition

  • In report final day of proposal of the office evaluation addition, it is October 15 (fastening in front agency day that is latest in the case of closed days report final day) of the last year of the addition calculation year. As for the style, please see "change of the system (addition item) affecting care payment costs calculation" of notification of change of each service item.
  • If we report once and perform report of "there is", the office evaluation addition becomes a target of examination every year until we report and perform report of "there is no".
  • We send notice as a result of the office evaluation addition every year to office without conformity being incompatible, and being concerned in degree February. If it is conformity, we can calculate the office evaluation addition from April.
  • When incompatible notice came conformity, it is not necessary to report the addition some other time.


Related document

Notice of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare [483KB pdf file] 

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