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Public hall


About proposal
About future library
Electronic book
Collection of books search
Usage guidance

Local globalization

Interpreter, translation


Matsubara-shi education general rules
Matsubara-shi education promotion basic plan
Approach of the Board of Education
Various procedures, application

Culture promotion

Cultural assets

Procedure of buried cultural property
Distribution document
Sale book
Designation, registration cultural assets
The buried cultural property ground (remains) to enclose
Ancient morality and way
Other cultural assets
Cultural assets report

Labor, industry


History walk

History walk table of contents
History walk 1-20
History walk 21-40
History walk 41-60
History walk 61-80
History walk 81-100
History walk 101-120
History walk 121-140
History walk 141-160
History walk 161-180
History walk 181-200
History walk 201-220
History walk 221-240
History walk 241 -


Folktale of Matsubara
We introduce folktale that we are informed from old days when we were born and raised in Matsubara. (we publish in March, 2013 from October, 2002)   ※We prohibit transcription, quotation without permission.                               
Life of Matsubara
We changed with our living and lifestyle, time including play of children. We introduce whether there was such a thing in old days event or play to think that good old now including life and event of the moon through one year. (we publish in October, 2003 from November, 2002)  ※We prohibit transcription, quotation without permission.                  
Life of people of Matsubara
We are born and raised in Matsubara and are story that we heard in folktale, hearing of tradition led by Meiji, Taisho that married from the suburbs Matsubara again-born woman. There is whether there was such a thing on various parts such as non-scientific mark or non-cultural action to come from folk belief and lifestyle laughable part and thinks that there is part which unfortunately is not laughable, and there are many inappropriate matters, but would appreciate your understanding as the skill that folk whom lifestyle climate made can do among them. After that, how rite of passage performed through life custom of people of Matsubara during life of person was performed, of people introduce at life of people of Matsubara and the outskirts while letting, no, relation intersect. (we publish in March, 2013 from November, 2003)  ※We prohibit transcription, quotation without permission.

Town development


Lifelong learning

Audiovisual materials
Lifelong learning area supporter


Sports facility


Public hall classroom


Education, culture, human rights

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