Take the ease by civic pool; from another July 12 to September 2 

 A lot of pleasure including running water pool and slider!

 We establish free opening Day this year in the following schedule.

Free opening Day

 Thursday, July 12, 13th Friday 

 In addition, please note that you may set a limit to entrance when you are crowded.

Place, access

〒580-0044 3-111-1, Taijo, Matsubara-shi
Tel 072-337-0203 (from July 12 to September 2)

※But, until July 11, it is 072-337-0270


It is a 10-minute walk in the getting off at Kintetsu South Osaka Line Takaminosato Station north
There is toll parking lot, but come in bicycle, motorcycle, public transport as number is limited.


Business hours, admission 

Business period

From July 12 to September 2 (during period, there is not holiday)

※It may be closed down by natural calamities in heaven and earth.

Business hours

From 9:00 17:00 (as for the swimming until 16:45) ※What can enter until 16:00

Division Base rate (less than two hours) Excess rate (one hour unit) Coupon (11 pieces of spelling)
Adult 500 yen 250 yen 5,000 yen
It is junior high student from 3 years old child
300 yen 150 yen 3,000 yen

At half price minute of the amount of money mentioned above becomes discount in one which becomes a target of person with a disability discount if you can show of disability certificate. (including caregiver)

※We do not refund admission.

It is 10% discount of basic admission more than 30 people
It is 20% discount of basic admission more than 50 people
It is 30% discount of basic admission more than 100 people
 Locker (50 yen)
Facility summary The name     Designation WED    shin Knob    The pivot
Running water pool 1m 167m in total length
Slider pool It is 0.75m from 0.6 7.5m in height 27m in length
Fountain pool It is 0.3m from 0.2 Infant use
25m pool It is 1.2m from 1.0 25m *15m
Pool for infant It is 0.7m from 0.3 15m *15m


About stop at the time of use of pool

 When we judge thunder not to be able to secure safety by aggravation of weather, to the pool visitors, we stop use of pool. I would like cooperation for security of the pool visitors.


About refund

 It returns under one hour after pool entrance in full. It does not return one hour or more after pool entrance.

 In various places entered in pool, please understand after understanding.


About leader

(1) The use that is lower than third grader needs companion of protector (16 years old or older). For one protector, it should be leader to five.

(2) Protector, please die by drowning by swimsuit wearing not visit together.

※When we do not meet the condition mentioned above, we do not take responsibility such as accidents at all. In addition, I may decline entrance.